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Етикет: Walter Last

renal calculus in kidney 

Paulina Georgieva: I have renal calculus in kidney. I can accept multi-vitamins at which is calcium?Thanks to you!

stiffening muscularity 

Kolyo Georgiev: I receive stiffening muscularity in the field of a breast. Usually It turns out when at me take…

dark brown line 

P. Nakova: Since 2 years I have very dark brown line with thickness 3 mm longitudinal on the nail of…

hormone estradiol 

Donka Hristova: What influence to turn out hormone estradiol when it is with a big cost? Thank you!

problems with tonsils 

Boiana: My child 2.9 years old. It has of problems with tonsils. Always become inflamed when the sick. Researches guttural…

pellet under the jaw 

Kera Georgieva: After I got out a tooth it has appeared a pellet under the jaw, which come up as…

deionised water 

Ivan: I wont to ask if there is some kind of health influence of deionized water on peoples organism and…