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My mother 23 years has high blood pressure of stress

Viktoria Peeva: My mother is 58 years old. 23 years has high blood pressure, as a result of stress. Three evenings she made hypertonic crisis. Then the doctor haschanged of medicines for her treatments. After two months reception of medicines blood pressure start to grow. Besides she very muchworries when the evening will come, because expects that blood pressure will be high. What it is necessary to do her? Beforehand thank!

Walter Last: Do Basic Cleanse as in Chapter 3 of Towards Radiant health, and then use a diet as in Chapter 9. Live mainly on fish, goats cheese, eggs, fruits and vegetables, no gluten products and very little other grains, no added salt. Use lots of fish oils, garlic, potassium and magnesium supplements, multivitamins.

Have a glass of diluted lemon juice or grapefruit juice before meals. Preferably have a teaspoon of cayenne powder in some water after breakfast (start with a small amount). In the late afternoon or evening do relaxation exercises and meditation as in Chapter 10.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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