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How to provided calcium from foods?

Tania: I’m 40 years old and since 1 year breastfeeding. My wish is to be a suckling mother for another year. My question is: please, recomend me, how to provided calcim from foods, what amounts calcium shoud I take from foods? Are there more amount of calcium in the whey? Can I make laxatives procedure now, when breastfeeding, for example enema? Thank you!

Walter Last: Get most of your calcium from green leaf vegetables, goats’ milk yoghurt and goats’ cheese, sardines, kelp, carob, spirulina, barley or wheat grass powder and bone broth (simmering bones or fish heads with added vinegar in a non-metal pot, blend, strain and freeze in cubes). In addition you need vitamin D from frequent exposure to moderate sun light, or in winter from cod liver oil or halibut liver oil capsules. Yes, you can have enemas and other laxative procedures now.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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