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What prophylaxis against Candida at pregnancy?

Mariana: What prophylaxis against Candida pregnant women can do during pregnancy?

Walter Last: The main cause of Candida are antibiotics, steroids, birth control pills and some other medical drugs that damage our normal intestinal bacteria. Therefore minimise using such drugs. If you do use them, always use a fungicide in addition. Best just take a small clove of chopped raw garlic in the morning in a drink. About 30 to 60 minutes later take a probiotic capsule with acidophilus and other lactobacteria. Alternatively or in addition take frequently some goats’ milk yoghurt.

Because you do not know if you have good bacteria to protect you and later the baby, I strongly advice every pregnant woman to use garlic and acidophilus at the beginning and several more times during the pregnancy, each time for about 2 weeks or longer. In addition it helps to use often some coconut oil with the food, it also helps to kill Candida. If there is Candida present, it gets worse if there is much sugar in the diet, the less sugar or sweetness the better, also using much cereals and bread encourages Candida to grow. To prevent thrush it is good sometimes to put a capsule of probiotics or some acidophilus yoghurt in the vagina.

During pregnancy I recommend taking supplements for all vitamins and minerals. Most important are folic acid, zinc, magnesium, fish oils and vitamins D and E. Best use spirulina, barley or wheat grass juice or powder, bee pollen, lecithin, fish, green leaf vegetables, sprouted legumes. Minimise sugar and sweet food, gluten grains and cereals. Use goat’s milk products instead of cows’ milk products.

Vitamins are best as they are in natural food, then they have a special energy field around them. Next are vitamins that are extracted and concentrated from natural foods, such as natural vitamin E and vitamin C. Many biochemicals are now extracted from fermentation processes and that is fine. Not so good are the synthetic vitamins made by the pharmaceutical industry, mainly the B vitamins in tablets but most of these have the same chemical configuration as natural vitamins and can be helpful to avoid or overcome a deficiency.

They do not have their own bio-energy field and need to be energised by the body. Bad are those synthetic vitamins that come in two isomeric forms (different space arrangement), such as vitamin D (D3 natural, D2 synthetic) or d,l tocopherol, where the body can only use the d-form and the l-form clogs up the system.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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