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My daughter very often has involuntary urination at night

Rosica: My daughter is 6 years old and very often has involuntary urination at night. Sleeps well. There are no problems during the day. I have used many recipes of the natural Medicine, but nothing worked. She is in perfect health. We did a few tests and they show that it is very good and there are no infections. Is it necessary to do more tests or can she take medication without them?

Walter Last: It may be a bladder weakness caused by a food allergy or chemical sensitivity. Try a low allergy diet. If she had antibiotics in the past then it may be due to Candida – use garlic and probiotics. It may also be due to overacidity, in this case minimise sugar and sweet food and drinks.  Also bread and cereals, instead use more vegetables, especially greens. Make sure she does not sleep near electric wiring or electric appliances, including any on the same wall in the adjoining room.

If the problem got worse in recent times it may also be emotional stress, e.g. something at school, or a younger brother or sister arrived and got all the attention. Information on allergy testing, overcoming Candida, making the body more alkaline, electrical problems, and EFT for emotional therapy are in the book Towards Radiant Health. Also try sleep suggestions – when she is asleep tell her repeatedly that she will wake up before she needs to go to the toilet, you may keep a pottie under the bed. Do not let her drink in the evening , no soups. Also urge her to go to the toilet just before going to bed.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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