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I have uveal melanoma of the right eye

Theodora: I am 28 years old, with uveal melanoma of the right eye. This is malignant tumor of the layer below the retina. I have done the conventional radiation therapy in Israel. I am now waiting to see how the tumor will react. Meanwhile, I would like to do whatever is possible to facilitate my treatment. Many thanks

Walter Last: Dear Theodora, Read and generally follow my 8-part web series Overcoming Cancer (www.health-science-spirit.com).

Initially focus on the following: Intestinal Sanitation – before breakfast and mid-afternoon stir a large teaspoon of psyllium, 1 tsp of sodium bicarbonate and a crushed clove of garlic into a large glass of water or herb tea and drink immediately. About 30 minutes later take a drink of acidophilus-fermented goat’s or sheep milk or fermented bee pollen.

Iodine: Use Lugol’s solution 6 drops 4 x daily in food or drink for 3 weeks, then 1-3 drops per day.

Magnet: Keep a small neodymium button magnet taped with the south-pointing pole to skin as close as possible to the melanoma.

Nutrients: Use up to 400 mg of vitamin B2; 400 mcg of selenium, zinc, magnesium; 6 halibut liver oil capsules; 400 – 1000 mg natural vitamin E in addition to lots of other antioxidants, all in divided doses with meals.

Sunlight: Get as much exposure as possible to sunlight and outside daylight with out any glasses or sunglasses, also skin exposure without sunscreen.

Avoid or minimise: cordless telephones, if absolutely necessary use on opposite side to the melanoma; fluorescent lighting; TV and computer screens; generally minimise artificial light sources and use natural light or light bulbs with daylight spectrum.

Be sure not to have any dead teeth, preferably no mercury amalgam fillings.

Sleeping: Move your sleeping position of the head by about 50 cm and protect your bed as explained in the article Electromagnetic Pollution, see Part 7 of Overcoming Cancer.

Otherwise follow the general advice of the Overcoming Cancer series. All of these will be helpful regardless of how the melanoma reacts to the radiation treatment.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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