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I have had a problem with noises since I was a child.

Evelina: I have had a problem with noises since I was a child. I hear everything (breathing, chewing …) of other people and it irritates me a lot (I hate people because of it) and at this moment I am pregnant and I am afraid for the baby. There is nothing that doctors can do about it. Please help me!

Walter Last: Your problem could be due to an oversensitivity of part of your nervous system. This can be quietened down with the following: about 200 mg of magnesium (e.g. 1000 mg of magnesium chelate) with each meal, about 1 – 2 g of the amino acid Taurine with meals. Also inositol can help, you get it from sprouted seeds (e.g. lentils, mung beans); eat more chlorophyll from leaf vegetables and spirulina. Make a Candida cure with garlic and acidophilus, avoid gluten products, especially wheat, minimise sugar or sweeteners, and make the body more alkaline.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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