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How to decline the thirst of alcohol?

Deliana: How to decline the thirst of alcohol?

Walter Last: Alcoholism, like all other addictions, has a biochemical and an emotional component. Craving for alcohol like craving for sugar or sweetness is often associated with Candida overgrowth. Therefore it is good to fix that first because it is the easiest part of it. In addition it helps to use lots of B vitamins, magnesium, an improved diet as in Chapter 9 of T.R.H., lots of good water and lots of outdoors activity.

Addictions are part of the allergy-stress syndrome. Some substances and events cause a rush of adrenalin and dopamine, and that stimulates and excites us. This may be sugar, coffee, alcohol, sex, or skydiving or any such adventure. We like this excitement and begin to repeat it as much as we can and become addicted to it. To break this addiction, it needs at first an insight that it is an addiction and then a resolve to give it up.

The next step is to find a replacement for it. This is the difficult part. When we stop to what we are addicted, there is a lack of dopamine for several weeks and that makes us feel depressed and we crave for our addictive stimulation to get our dopamine back up. At this stage a lot of loving and caring support is needed.

For someone who does not have a supportive partner, it is best to join a group. Such as Alcoholics Anonymous or a spiritual group involved with prayer and meditation, or another group with caring people. If there is a caring partner, then Karezza has been found to be most helpful. If you have a look at the site, that is how Marnia helped her husband Gary to overcome alcoholism.

The idea is to generate a feeling of being loved and cared for in the addicted person by routinely generating the brain hormone oxytocin, the hormone of trusting and bonding. You get a detailed description of these brain hormones in Marnia’s article on Addiction. I believe people become more easily addicted when as a baby there was no proper bonding, e.g. if the baby has been kept in the hospital away from the mother, or if it was not breastfed.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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