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Since one week I have a tingle to my left hand

Snegana Jordanova: I’m 39 years old. Since one week I have a tingle to my left hand, the feeling is very unpleasant and scareing, it achieves up to a neck and a nape. I smoke 2 boxes of cigaretes a day and I drink much alcohol, Should I expect an insultus ?

Walter Last: It sounds like a nerve problem, try vitamin B12, either absorb under the tongue or have injections. Also vitamin B1, B6 and folic acid – try a multivitamin with each meal. Also have more magnesium. zinc and vitamin C. Use EFT to reduce smoking and drinking, ask Mariana for a translation. You can safely reduce smoking and drinking by 10 % every 10 weeks.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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