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Your recommendations for Raynaud syndrome?

Diana Georgieva: Your recommendations for Raynaud syndrome?

Walter Last: The diet should be high in protein, reduce sweetened food, grains, and avoid all gluten products. Useful nutrients: calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D (sunlight), E, B6, B2. Also Coenzymr Q10, ginko biloba, omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, gamma linolenic acid, lecithin. You may not have enough stomach acid, try a hydrochloric acid supplement with meals, or just take a tablespoon of cider vinegar or lemon juice. Use after meal a teaspoon of cayenne powder in some water, drink more afterwards, gradually to 3 teaspoons for day. Have frequently massage of the shoulders.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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