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Problems with tonsils. They are inflamed when is sick

Boiana: My child is 2.9 years old. There are problems with the tonsils. They always become inflamed when he is sick. Throat tests showed candida alb. Was unsuccessful the treatment with Daktarin. Last winter he took several antibiotics for the tonsils. There is a constant blockage of the nose. The nasal tonsil grows. Sometimes in the morning his tongue is covered. Is it possible to cure him given his age? Thanks!

Walter Last: Avoid cows milk protein and gluten products. Strong pau d’arco tea tastes pleasant and is good against Candida, but probably not available in Bulgaria. If you can get him to swallow capsules, you can fill fresh garlic and wormwood powder into gelatin capsules, he needs to swallow 5-10 of these capsules each day for several weeks. He also needs to take lots of acidophilus/bifido cultures or goats’ milk yoghurt. He could also try colloidal silver instead of the capsules or in addition.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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