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What can you recommend me for extrasystolic arrhythmia

Dani: What can you recommend me for polycystic ovaries and extrasystolic arrhythmia of the heart. Thank you!

Walter Last:

Polycystic Ovaries:
1. Avoid or minimise grain products and sugar or sweet foods and drinks.
2. Get plenty of vitamin D from cod liver oil, halibut liver oil and sunshine. Emulsify fish oils with lecithin and juice.
3. Avoid Soya products, food additives, and chemicals leaching out from plastics into oil, fat or water.
4. Try Maca powder, 1 or 2 teaspoons a day.
5. If there is any sign of Candida use lactobacteria and antimicrobials (see the Candida book).

Extrasystolic arrhythmia
1. Do the Candida treatment.
2. Check for food allergies or use a low-allergy diet (see Towards Radiant Health), avoid sweet food and drink.
3. Use high amounts of different antioxidants, including purple fruits and juices.
4. Use a diet high in potassium, magnesium and calcium or as supplements.
5, Use more fish oils and less seed oils, avoid trans-fatty acids as in fried food.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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