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I can’t cure the symptoms of chlamydia pneumoniae

M. Trifonova: Why since an year I can’t cure the symptoms of chlamydia pneumoniae 1:64. I have drinked a lot of antibiotics.

Walter Last: With a plastic spray bottle spray diluted hydrogen peroxide into the mouth while deeply inhaling. Do that several times a day for a week, then spray-inhale ascorbic acid (a teaspoonful in a small glass of water) for another week. Alternate weekly until it is much better.

In addition do this: In a small bottle (best with a dropper) mix and shake well 2 drops of urine and one tablespoon of water. Then put 4 drops of the mixture under the tongue every 2 hours while awake until you are well again. In addition used a lot of raw garlic, acidophilus and halibut liver oil capsules, multivitamins. Avoid milk and gluten products but eat lots of onions.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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