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I’m pregnant and I have disease of Hashimoto

Eva: I’m pregnant in the 5th month, I have disease of Hashimoto. Everyone 2 months I make hormone research, but from 3 months it seems that the research for iodine has down limit 10 /at norm 10:30 / and the hormones of the thyroid gland has increased. Please tell me is it dangerous for the baby, is there enough iodine and does it make enough iodine.

Walter Last: For Hashimoto as an autoimmune disease Eva should do the intestinal sanitation with garlic and acidophilus as in the Candida book but do it for a much longer time, for several months, and after childbirth repeat it and do also the antimicrobial therapy with olive leaf extract and wormwood. In addition use a low-allergy diet, e.g. avoid gluten or use the High Quality Diet in Towards Radiant Health.

As supplements use kelp (1 teaspoonful), selenium, multivitamin, cod liver oil; digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid supplement with big meals may also help. Remove any dead teeth, infected roots or root canal fillings, gradually replace any mercury amalgam fillings with white plastic composite. After use blue cellophane around the neck for blue colour treatment. Press the thyroid reflex under the balls of the big toes and the balls of the thumbs.

For Eva’s Hashimoto I forgot to mention as supplements to use spirulina, and also L-glutamine. Take glutamine before or beginning of meals 1 to 5 g, best as powder (1 rounded teaspoon is about 5 g).

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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