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Pregnancy and positive result of Toxoplasmosis?

Toto: What you recommend in case of pregnancy after positive result of Toxoplasmosis? What is the adequate treatment? If the disease has passed and antibodies have developed, is it necessary to take any medications to protect the fetus during pregnancy? What you recommended to prevent infection with Toxoplasmosis? Thank you!

Walter Last: Sodium chlorite is a good all-round antimicrobial and anti-parasite remedy and is officially used for water and food treatment, the only remaining residue is a small amount of common salt (sodium chloride). On the Internet it is available as MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution. I recommend that she start with one drop and gradually increase up to 6 drops 3x per day.

For information see miraclemineral.org, audio- webtalkradio.net and phaelosopher.wordpress.com
I also recommend it now for Candida and all other infections and cancer. See that you can buy about 20 litres solution of sodium chlorite (here produced as 31%), and then you can distribute it, MMS is 28% and 200 ml last about 2 years and are sold for about $ US 20, have a look at EBay.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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