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I suffer chronic pancreatitis and raised cholesterol

Iva Aleksandrova: I’m 33 years old. I suffer chronic pancreatitis, raised cholesterol and triglyceride, hormone unbalanced. I ask give back me of advice, how to itself to help?

Walter Last: When chronic pancreatitis, do the Basic Cleanse in Step 3 of Towards Radiant Health. Use a diet high in protein but low in fat, use much fish and fish oils. Any fat or oil that you use should be raw, unheated (e.g. extra-virgin olive oil, goats cheese). Eat mainly legumes (lentils, peas, beans) and vegetables, no gluten products; take multivitamins and digestive enzymes with meals, drink a glass of water with some lemon juice or cider vinegar before meals. Use hot castor oil packs over the upper abdomen, press under the middle of each foot where it hurts.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: www.health-science-spirit.com

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