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Consultation with Walter Last

Walter Last studied biochemistry in Germany and worked in medical university departments in Germany and in Los Angeles. Since 1970 he lived in New Zealand and Australia and practiced as nutritionist and naturopath . His books 'Heal Yourself' and 'Healing Foods' were published in 1991 and 1992 by Penguin Books, the 'Self-Help Cancer Cure Book' by Soil & Health N.Z. in 1997 and 'The Natural Way to Heal' in 2004 by Hamton Roads in the USA. His website is at


Написано от Walter Last   

B. Stefanova: At me 53 years also are diabetes II type, retinopatia, neuropatiа, steatoza of a liver, galls-stone, diskopatia, malignant tumour on thyroid, psoriazis, colitis, menopause, a heat wave, high blood pressure. So it is a lot of, that already it is a shame them enumerated. The doctors have said to me, that at me of lack iodine, but not обяснили, that I should do, even I insisted about It. I ask advise to me!

Mononucleoza Infectioasa
Написано от Walter Last   

Gyulaj: At my son 5 years and before 1 year to him have put the diagnosis Mononucleoza Infectioasa with bloatedes cervicals a lymph nodes as nuts and about today they still stand. He is too ill asthma and in common often is ill . What to me to do?

to become just a little bit higher?
Написано от Walter Last   

Tania Dimitrowa: I’m 23 years old my weight is 47 kg, 160 sm. high. I would like to know haw to become just a little bit higher what food should I eat mostly and are there any pills? Thank’s in advance.

to reduce the level of Zinc?
Написано от Walter Last   

Balabanova: How is possibility to reduce the level of Zinc in the organism ? Which nutrition is recomended to make off and which substances neutralize it?

Maca powder does it have sides effects?
Написано от Walter Last   

Neli: Maca powder does it have sides effects?

reduce body temperature
Написано от Walter Last   

Stanka: How can I reduce body temperature quickly?(especially on children)?

1 tea-spoon fish oil "eskimo kids"
Написано от Walter Last   

Koleva: Is it possible instead of 1 tea-spoon fish oil "eskimo kids" to give 3 tea-spoons? Thank you!

to colour urine from used vitamins
Написано от Walter Last   

Sonia: I want to ask you for vitamins, is it possible to colour urine from used vitamins, and specially vitamin C? It is normally? In what cases the urine could be colored,what are the reasons for that, for example red urine?

deionised water
Написано от Walter Last   

Ivan: I wont to ask if there is some kind of health influence of deionized water on peoples organism and in about how much is it useful? I will be very thank full if you answer with a little bit more information.

Написано от Walter Last   

Tania Ivanova: I wont to ask, a cured person from hlamidia, can I get sick again whit a contact of the sick person. Thanks to you!

Candida glabrata?
Написано от Walter Last   

Svetla Jeleva: What are exact bacteria Candida glabrata, they indication for what?

Ureaplasma urealyticum
Написано от Walter Last   

Iliana: Is it possible to treat Ureaplasma urealitycum without antibiotics?

At an infection Chlamydia
Написано от Walter Last   

Mariana Popova: At an infection Chlamydia, how many time is necessary to accept tea from olive leaf?

Написано от Walter Last   

Rafail Dragoev: Ask for cirrhosis. Thank you.

Can cure cirrhosis in advanced in stage?
Написано от Walter Last   

Antonia: Can cure cirrhosis in advanced in stage?

chronic hepatitis C
Написано от Walter Last   

summer: I am sick chronic hepatitis C since 2003. If at me will be pregnancy, what is risk for me? The virus on foetus in time pregnancy is hand down? Thanks to you!

has hepatitis vibralis C from 5 months
Написано от Walter Last   

Violeta: My friend has hepatitis vibralis C from 5 months. Two months after the treatment she has exaggerated liver, exaggerated 10 times livers tests (ALAT-250 and ASAT-156), pain in the liver. In this moment she takes Carsil and Triovit. She have candida problems since 10 years.

removed a part of my liver
Написано от Walter Last   

Gerry: I have lived through a crush and the doctors removed a part of my liver and inflammation pancreas. Do I have to be following some kind of diet?

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